March 26, 2012

Packing my bag....

Packing my bag today. I'm officially 36 weeks today so it has become my tradition to pack my bag on this day since I randomly did that with grace and had her the next day. I did it with Avery just in case and the bag sat for the entire next four weeks! So this time I am hoping for something in between :) Drew has definitely dropped but not causing any contractions yet, but thinking he might come a little early just not pushing for anything earlier than next week. I would love for all his development to be done and for him to pick up some more weight. In the mean time I'll just keep cleaning and organizing and enjoying my time with my two monkeys!! Matt painted their room this weekend so tonight will be a fun night of putting it back together and putting them back in it. Pictures to come. He was sweet enough to change his mind and let us add sparkles to the paint. It's not super obvious but a nice girly touch...considering it has taken us til now to get him to allow us to do pink I am over the top excited about the was the lady at Lowe's. She was so excited that we were back and told me its probably because of Drew also. Thinking I'm getting more now a days because he's getting a boy who will be on his side for once. We're both getting so excited to meet our little guy. Can't believe his walls are blue and green with tons more blue in the room after the room being green walls with mainly pink everywhere else for almost four years. He has tons of great clothes and accessories thanks to friends and family!!! We really haven't spent much and well he is the third so we weren't gonna (just don't ever tell Drew that).

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