April 17, 2011


We've been keeping busy. Made it to Uncle Nathan's brunch for his cooking school. Grace's chef outfit was a huge hit! (Great idea Nathan) The food was outstanding and the girls loved hanging out.

We made a pit stop at my grandparents house. We brightened their day for sure. She was at the ER the night before.

Grace and Mommy are happy that her hair is long enough to do one big pony tail. She of course won't hold still to get a good shot that shows it off....then she realized this one would be a good one and held perfectly still.

Our friend Alexis had us over Saturday to make Easter treats. We had a great time and didn't eat all of them before we got home!

Avery has her first tooth popping through today!!!!!! She was just holding out to beat her sister. This is exactly one day after Grace got her first tooth! The sister rivalry has begun :)

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