April 25, 2011

this weekend

I've enjoyed things so much more now that I know Avery is better and celebrating Christ's ressurection. We had a great weekend with my brother and mom. I come to appreciate family more and more as I get older. I am also trying to love them more genuinely as well.

The girls had a ton of fun being outside, sitting by the fire pit, swinging in the backyard, going to the neighborhood hunt, and getting chinese buffet :) They had coordinating dresses this year instead of matching. Figured I'd take it easy on them.

Grace got to decorate her "treasure box" on Saturday. This was such a neat suggestion of our church instead of an easter basket. Each year we'll put a scripture in it for each kid for them to focus on (might slide in a sweet treat as well). We let Grace stay up late painting so Avery wouldn't bother her and she thought she was big stuff.

On Easter morning Grace found a camera in her box. She thought this was so cool. It was a very simple and had a couple pages explaining how to get the candy out,etc. Grace was "reading" the instructions on the way to church and began saying over and over "My God won't leave me." It was so cute and random. She added much more to the "story" but that was my favorite part :)

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