December 24, 2010

Flu, Flu GO AWAY!

So our week has been quite interesting to say the least. By Wednesday I have all four bedrooms in my house with sick people in them. I've been sleeping on the couch in hopes that I won't get this stupid flu!

Last Friday my mom came down with the flu and then it turned into bronchitis by Tues/Wed. Matt came home from work Tuesday and felt like he was getting the flu and sure enough he's been in our room ever since. Avery got a high fever and coughing Thursday and took her in and sure enough she tested positive for it. So Grace, Avery and I are all on Tamiflu to try and prevent more sickness and get Avery through it quicker....thank you God...Avery is doing amazing and I'm not sure she got a strong strand of it or God has answered our prayers cause she is doing amazingly well today after her fever broke this morning. Last night was rough, but I was shocked to see her have a pretty normal day today.

So our Christmas is going to be pretty simple here at the house. We're having my brothers over now that the girls are fever free, but won't be going to Muncie since Matt is still out for the count. We're still hoping to fly to Houston Monday :) I SOOO need a break!

The CVS people know me and my girls by name and I love my couch and all but sleeping on it for more than a night is for the birds.

I haven't done a ton of shopping this year and didn't want to spend too much so I ended up with fun elephant pj's instead of Christmas ones.

Forgot about this video of Grace the other night and couldn't pass up the chance to post it....

We're loving our Children's museum pass. The girls and I and a friend and her boys went the other day and had a blast. I highly recommend going while the slide and Jolly Days is there.

This was at the top of the slide...she was so excited to get to go a second time!

Here's to an amazing celebration of our Savior's birth and my brother Nathan tomorrow.

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