November 28, 2010

fun times

We had a blast in Houston and the traveling went very well which made the whole trip that much more enjoyable for mommy :)

All the cousins were together for a night and had a fun and crazy time. This is the best I could do with 5 moving objects.

Girls are now out numbering the boys!!

Grace loved seeing the fancy place settings and REALLY wanted to use the gold knife...she's cutting an olive.

Avery was amazed at how good the food was....she says I've been holding out on her!

We hated to leave the warmer weather, but hey I love being cold....NOT! We had to get back to finish our laminate floors...about that...we're down to a half bath and coat closet. Matt says about 2-3 more hrs just not tonight :)

We're just thankful we have a wonderful house to lay floors in and an awesome family to share the holidays with.

This video is a little dose of some meal times...

Both girls are keeping us busy. They're wanting the same things and make lots of noise at any given point of the day, but it is what it is so we're enjoying it now before they're all grown up and gone.

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