November 1, 2010

Fall, Family & Full of sugar

We've had a lot of treats, cookies, candy,etc running through this house with Grace potty training really well and Halloween trick or treating for 2. The girls had a blast at our neighborhood event last night.

We had a really great visit with my brother Jason and sister-in-law Angie who now live in Houston. They were in town for a wedding. We REALLY hate they're so far away but get to see them again when we go down for Thanksgiving. Uncle Jason was a huge hit with the girls. His tall and always doing something funny. He moved up on their list of favorite people for sure. Having all the family around (my brother Nathan and Benji came over for the night to see everyone and my mom is staying with us since she came back from Arkansas for good now) has really helped encourage Grace with her potty training. She was VERY proud to perform for everyone and celebrate with them afterwards.

I am very proud at how hard she is working at it. She is going less often, which is nice and not having many accidents at all. I am so glad that it is finally going strong in the right direction. It was about to take me under. Cause let's be real honest, it should be called parent training not potty training!!!

Matt is proud that he and his girls got to wear Texan gear to church yesterday. We'll who can pull off the game tonight!

Hoping Avery has a tooth pop through REALLY soon!!! Evenings lately haven't been so fun. She's having some sort of trouble and it's really wearing on mommy :) She only wants me to hold her, feed her, and comfort her which is sweet but not easy.

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