November 10, 2010


By about 11am today I wanted a redo. Went several days with hardly any accidents and then had three accidents by 11:30am. Six accidents by 1:30pm!!! Today was a LONG day for dinner time she was telling me she had to go and back to her good ways. So hopefully it was just a fluke thing, if not I'm gonna need a stiff drink soon.

Avery is army crawling so well now. It's just as amazing to watch as it was with Grace. Seems to be that Avery is transitioning to crawling faster than Grace or at least more interested in moving around at this age, but who knows I've done a few things since then :)

We're excited to go to Houston the week of Thanksgiving. Matt has comp time that he can use so he can hang out all week with us and the fam...thought he'd have to work a lot of it...the late nights are paying off.

LOVING my mom being around. She's totally an extra hand and support with these little rascals.....she even cleans any chance she gets!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's to a dryer Thursday.

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  1. Yeah, potty training=no fun! I'm there with you. After six weeks of being accident free, Grace peed her pants last night in bed!! Stay strong, friend.