October 12, 2010

catching up

Matt, Avery and I got to get away a few weeks ago to Lenoir City, Tennessee. We had a blast taking it easy, boating, climbing the ravine, staying up late playing games, shooting clay pigeons, etc. By the end, we were really hoping we could just stay there and someone bring us Grace cause it's so stinking beautiful down there.
This movie is so Jimmy can prove to his parents he jumped.

Matt's turn

Mandy's (Napes)wedding was this past weekend. I was the Matron of Honor. It was a blast. Because Avery was sick last week with Roseola, Matt kept the girls for me so I could go and help out with the last minute stuff and get to hang out with Napes as much as possible. The wedding went very smoothly and was very sweet. The reception was a ton of fun...including my speech that I wrote the day of...TOTALLY forgot about that duty til the night before when Cory's dad was saying a little something at the rehersal dinner....oops! It worked out fine and I got to call her Mandy a ton from a distance so she didn't get to hit me. Her real name is Amanda, but only her family is allowed to call her Mandy (so she says). All her college friends call her Napes because her last name was Napierkowski.

Grace is talking up a storm. She is repeating a lot more of my words. Saying many more phrases and goes to the bathroom all by herself from start to finish several times a day, but then has accidents the other times, so we're working hard and seeing if now is the time she will go all the way.

Avery is saying dada and LOVING her big sister. She lights up all day long when Grace comes around to say hi or play with her.

Matt's gma isn't doing well. We got a call today from my mom and his parents that his dad is headed there to see how bad it is and talk about hospice. Would love to see her go quickly and peacefully, but not sure what God has in store.

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