September 22, 2010

hang time

This is a picture of the Avery and my cousins' babies. Avery is 7mo and a few days. Amelia is 6.5mo and Wilson is 4 months. They all got to get together for Amelia's dedication Sunday. She lives in California so getting to see her is hard to come by....not sure what's in the water or food in California, but she sure is healthy :)

Avery's still loving sweet potatoes and now butternut squash. She's eating a ton I think when I think about how petite her body is but she's not having any trouble sleeping or making dirty diapers that's for sure so I'm thinking it's just what she needs.
Grace loves the potty seat our neighbor Trish gave her the other day. She insists that it stay in the living room. She uses it often. This morning she used it and I cleaned her up and went to clean up breakfast thinking I would put a diaper on her when I got done. As I was washing dishes something told me I probably should've put a diaper on her....not 2 seconds later she comes out of her playhouse with poop on her foot!!! She had totally pooped in her playhouse :) She was then announcing to me and Bailey that she pooped and wanted to help clean it up. FUN TIMES :)

1 comment:

  1. Avery is sooo precious and soo cute!
    It was great getting to see you and Grace and Avery! We should try to get together more often!