June 12, 2010

time flies

Matt and I make a lot of comments now a days about how fast things are going and the girls aren't going to be in this stage for long. We're loving how silly Grace is...could do without the fits about not getting her way, but love her laugh and overall easy going attitude. Avery is very easy going when she's gotten good rest :) and literally smiles a TON. She giggles at Grace and Bailey a lot.

We're trying to enjoy each day as much as possible cause we know that it goes WAY too fast. I'm really ready for a full night's rest at this point, but also know that it won't be long before Avery doesn't want to cuddle with me for as long as I'll hold her.

Grace is LOVING the pool...more the getting in and out and playing with toys than she is getting down in the water, but it's fun to go with the neighbors. Avery also doesn't mind hangin with us near the water and is a good sport about wearing her bathing suit and hat.

This is Avery and Grace at about the same age in the same dress. It's hard to believe that Grace started out 2 lbs lighter but is bigger than Avery at this point.

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