June 2, 2010

Memorial Day weekend

We had a great time at my dad's this past weekend. He lives on a farm about 10 minutes outside of Muncie where he rents a house from a farmer. The farmer has a bunch of black angus cattle, chickens, a huge vegetable garden, and a cat. These are all things that we don't get to experience very often living in the suburbs. (No cat cause I just don't like them)

It was SO peaceful and beautiful weather. We really felt like we were on vacation. We also got to ride the 4 wheeler that my dad uses to mow with. Matt and I really got into that part much like a kid would...argued slightly over whose turn it was going to be before it got put up :)

Friday night we got in town just in time to hear Mackenzi's name being announced for her high school graduation. I really can't believe that she's old enough to be graduating. Her parents were my youth pastors in high school and we've stayed close ever since. I'm so thrilled that she has also chosen to study elementary education!/>

Both girls are doing good. Grace LOVES to be outside. She's now saying "pees" for please and going pee pee on the potty more consistently.

Avery is gaining well. She was 9lb 12oz on Monday and is beginning to sleep consistently better at night!!!! She smiles a lot and started giggling a few days ago! Hearing your child's laugh never gets old.

Now off to the million little tasks I have before me...except it's 10:15pm! I'm still learning that it's ok to let things go for a little while longer.

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