February 12, 2010

I mean it this time...

So, you say you trust and you say it will happen when it's supposed to happen, but yet somehow I'm really good at holding on to my abilities and my own understanding and thinking that I know what is best at times. With a dr's visit today that showed I hadn't made much progress at all with trying all my tricks this past week and all my worrying hadn't gotten me anywhere... I realized maybe it really is in God's hands and I need to stop holding on so tightly.

Our OB, Bridgett Hurry, is an amazing woman of God and saw the distress in my voice and face. She prayed with us to just allow my heart to release the timing and delivery to God. I keep saying that I have and yet I lay awake at night worrying and not trusting.

After the leaving the appt, Matt and I both were in agreement that it was really time to give it over to God and let it happen however He already has planned. So, we're going on a date tonight to my FAVORITE restaurant (Cheesecake Factory...and with a gift card :) to start things off and my mom is staying all night so we can go out tomorrow and hang out and take time to ourselves and just enjoy the time we have.

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