February 13, 2010

great day

It started last night with a DELICIOUS dinner at Cheesecake Factory as well as a phenomenal piece of their 30th anniversary cheesecake...highly recommend it. We had a great talk over dinner and new we would stay out late since my mom was spending the night with Grace at our house...we were home by 8:15 :)!!

Today was a really good and productive day. Matt and I quickly agreed on a new lamp for the living room. We love our sectional and were able to sell our side tables and lamps since we didn't have room for two tables anymore. We usually don't agree quickly on a purchase due to our different approaches to buying things (I love to make a quick decision, he likes to think about it and take his time). So we got the lamp and then my mom, Grace and I headed to Greenwood to get a lamp for Avery. There is a great store down there called Buy Buy's Babies R Us on steroids. It's owned by Bed, Bath and Beyond and just as addicting! They take tons of others stores' coupons so it makes it worth the drive to find fun things for babies and kids cause they get it ALL.

I had gotten Grace's lamp there and hadn't seen any others that I loved, so we just got the same one. Then when I put them in the same room later I will already have matching lamps :) (that's my OCD kicking in)

We had a great time with Grace on the way down singing and playing with her new frog that was in the Valentine's Day card. She LOVED McCallister's Deli as much as we did which was nice and did a good job in the store staying in the cart for the most part. I'm still working on GG (my mom) to not let her begging to get out fly. Grace plays her well.

Then I came home to a dozen of my favorite roses sitting in a vase on the dining table. Matt knows how much I love the orange with red tipped roses :) :) He's been such a great husband lately realizing that I am quite uncomfortable and needing a lot of help with things and Grace.

So we're just enjoying these last few days before we become parents once again. The c-section is still scheduled for Wednesday unless an opening becomes available in the next few days. We're totally fine with that. We trust that God will either send me into labor before then or His plan is for a c-section. I'm just SOOO excited to meet our sweet little Avery!!

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