February 17, 2010

day 2

After having experienced today, I would now say I could do this again at some point. My pain, sleep, and emotions are getting much much better. Avery is eating decently well and Matt and I got out of the room today...much needed fresh air (still hospital air, but it's the best we could do).

I've really enjoyed the visitors and checking Facebook and email to see all the great people in my life share how excited they are to meet Avery. She is such a delight to have and having Grace visit today and her not get as upset that Avery was taking my attention helped me emotionally as well. I think she is really at a great age to transition to having a sibling.

I'm hanging out alone tonight. I had several friends talk about how it was nice to bond with the new baby and let their husband go home to get the first child back to normal as far as routine, so I'm just hoping Avery thinks this is a good idea as well. So here's to another good night of sleeping and feeding and good mommy-daughter time :)

THANK YOU all for all your great comments on here, Facebook, and signing up for meals. We really feel extremely loved and cherish this time with you all.

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