January 25, 2010

Full Term :)

We have reached full term (in just a few hours that is). I am so happy for this day to come. I am comforted in knowing that Avery has had more time to develop and would love to have her arrival come at any point now.

The dr did guess that she is between 4 and 5lbs at this point, but said she would be more accurate this week. Big or small I just desire her to be healthy and completely formed. I would love to bring her home with me when I'm released and get to hang out with her while I'm recovering in the hospital.

I was at a friend's baby shower this weekend. She is due 4 days after me. I realized that I am still pretty small in comparison to her. It's amazing how you don't have the best concept of how big you are.

We're all set with bags packed and putting the carseat in tomorrow...we didn't want to jinx ourselves. Just can't wait to hold our precious little girl :) Thank you God for bringing us this far...and we continue to trust that you'll bring us through whatever the next few weeks look like.

PS....Grace is getting two more teeth!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for her just not happy that she's been a wee bit cranky!

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