January 21, 2010

36weeks, 2days, and still pregnant

I am offically 48 hours past when I had Grace. Avery has to be bigger because she is getting heavy!!! I like taking it easy these last few weeks..cause I'm always near the comfort of a clean bathroom!

Grace has done really good lately sharing toys with other kids, throwing things away, picking things up for me,etc so I'm still hoping this will transfer to her sister's arrival. She is still learning to listen and obey...but has come a long way with it already with touching things like the fireplace or standing in her rocking chair.

PS I'm getting SOOOO excited to meet Avery!!!!


  1. SMITTEH!!!! I started my own blog but haven't gotten very far with it. You inspired me but don't let it go to your head. I figured you'd need something entertaining to read when you were recovering from having Avery. Question: how do you edit a post once you've posted it? Is there no possible way? I can't see! I just posted my first one so I could look at my profile completed faster! You know me, no patience!

  2. I used to have a blog, but let it go after I got facebook. Did you read mine yet?