November 7, 2009

update & arrangements

Sorry for the delay. We spent most of yesterday driving to and from Elkhart helping to make arrangements with Connie's family and spending time together as a family processing it all. Benji is starting to have more hard times throughout the day mentally with so much time to lay and think about things. They have started him in an anti-depressant, but we're hoping to not really get him used to it and really start spending time with him praying and processing his grief. He is healing very well and acting like his old self (complaining about what he wants and how they aren't doing it how he wants them to).

The arrangements have been made for Tuesday at Billings Funeral Home in Elkhart, IN. The service will follow at his brother's church. As a family, we're asking that instead of flowers if a donation could be made instead to the

Connie Graham Memorial Fund
903 Leonard
Elkhart, IN 46516

We came the harsh reality yesterday that besides auto insurance which says they will cover Benji's expenses the family only has one check of disability to pay for everything, so they've set up the account to help pay for the expenses and then any extra can go to his three children Benji, Nathan, and Keisha.

I'm going home today. My mom is staying here at the hospital til the funeral with Benji and my two brothers and new sister-in-law will head back tonight to gather things for the funeral.

We definately feel your prayers and love. We're good on food and things just need time to continue to process our emotions and get logistics worked out with Benji. We're hoping to get to talk to his dr today about a timeline of his recovery and eye surgery plans. We're praying he can attend the funeral without too much hassle.

Thank you ALL for emailing, calling, praying, and offering to help. We TRUELY appreciate it and feel VERY loved.

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  1. Thanks for the update. We are still keeping you and your family in our prayers.

    Just as an FYI, as a person who has found anti-depressants to be very helpful in the past, it might not be a bad thing for Benji to stay on them if he needs them. They might help stabilize him through this horrific time, especially if he was having problems before. If medical insurance is a problem, I understand the hesitation. There are programs where he might be able to get the meds for free...