November 1, 2009


Halloween was such a blast. We worked really hard and were able to put on a great neighborhood event. Then I took Grace around trick or treating for the first time while Matt passed out candy.

Grace did great! She loved seeing everyone dressed up and playing the games and then was totally content in her warm dinosaur costume in the stroller while we patrolled the neighborhood.

So we crashed last night pretty hard and woke up early for the teacher appreciation breakfast at church this morning. Grace didn't get the memo about the time change so she was up bright and early. She was a trooper at church and didn't really get too bad til we got in the car to go home and she had had enough. She napped great this afternoon and went to bed at the new 8, so hopefully we're back on track.

Enjoy the photos :)

We invited Elizabeth and her girls LeAnn and Riveria from Heart Change to come and hang out with us. They LOOOOVEE "Baby Grace" and were so excited to see her dressed up.

Matt doing the dad thing and taking all three girls in the costume parade.

Matt and his twin.

Grace and the pumpkin she loved. It was funny to her that it wouldn't stay standing.

Family Photo Spot that we added to the neighborhood event this year...sooo glad we did cause there was no time in the day to get us all three in front of a camera besides this.

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