October 21, 2009

pumpkin patch and Houston/Little Rock visit

Last week Grace and I went to a fun pumpkin patch. I hadn't been to one since I was little and it was Grace's first. She had lots of fun crawling in the dirt, never mind that she paid NO attention to the large orange pumpkins all around her. :)

Thanks to my really cool friend Tara, I have this cool photo card to show off. Thanks Tara!

She did cooperate to pose for some photos but she was back down on her knees crawling for the weeds as soon as she could!!

Then we left Wednesday for Houston to visit Matt's family til Sunday and attend his 10 year high school reunion. We then flew to Little Rock, Arkansas to see his grandparents, whom Grace is named after his grandmother. It was such a treat to get to spend time with everyone especially his grandparents who are still adjusting to living in an assisted living facility.

Grace had a great week. She flew well, slept well, played well, and drove well. PS...We drove home from Arkansas with the minivan we purchased from Matt's parents!!! It's an 01' Honda Odyssey. WE LOVE IT!!! It did feel a bit huge, but the space is amazing and the ease of it is SOOOO great. They were gracious enough to only want us to pay them what we sold our Lumina for which was $1500!!! So we didn't have any out of pocket expenses!!! SUCH A BLESSING when you're living on one income with another baby on the way.

The four of us at Matt's reunion.
(don't know why this one keeps flipping) Jimmy and Caroline are dear friends of ours that live in Houston. Matt graduated with Jimmy. Caroline is expecting their third one month after me.

We got back yesterday afternoon. The laundry is done (just have to put it all away) my least favorite part...the house is put back together...and now I just need a vacation!!

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