October 27, 2009

24 weeks

I am officially 24 weeks and my body is starting to really feel pregnant.(And I totally feel bigger than I am) I can tell that she's getting a little more heavy when I bend over and go up the stairs. She's been very good to me thus far. She pretty low maintenance as long as I eat well! I could definately eat more fast food with Grace, but this little one is making sure I know that she doesn't want junk food :) She's really starting to keep me times too warm, but I won't complain because it's getting cold out and I haven't had to ask Matt to turn up the heat once yet :) He's super excited that we're going to save on heat this winter. Because not pregnant, I can be a bit annoying cause I get cold so easily.

Grace is VERY close to walking. She takes a few steps here and there and loves to walk with you all over while you hold her hand, but doesn't have much gumption to do it on her own yet. That's ok, she's got a life time of walking and running away from me!!

She's also very close to having a second tooth. It's right below the surface and should pop through any day. She has started to not want to eat much veggies. She will pick out all the food that isn't green and eat every scrap of it. She leaves the veggies which she'll toss to Bailey one by one when she's all done! Grace is a ton of fun and loves being around people which I am so thankful for because I have her all over with lots of groups of people and kids. Our goal is to name her sister really's not as easy since we're not going with any family names and didn't have any other girl names picked out with Grace.


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She just started being snuggily this weekend. I haven't been able to cuddle with her in months, so I had to get a picture. She'll even give me kisses now. Typically she would only give other people kisses.

It's funny that the nights she'll actually let me rock her before she falls asleep, her sister kicks around like crazy making sure that Grace knows it's her mommy too!!! The sisterly love has begun :)

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