September 30, 2009

Half way done :)

I'm officially 20 weeks as of yesterday. I know that I don't look that pregnant in this picture, but I keep thinking that I am larger cause nothing fits.

Grace is growing up so fast. She can pull herself up onto a regular chair and her child size chair, which she then turns around and gives you the biggest smile when she realizes that she really did it. If she's not trying to sit in things she's trying to climb on things. I am always pulling her out of a cabinet or the dishwasher.

Her first tooth has officially come all the way through and looks so cute but strange to us because we've known her for so long without teeth. She's still trying to figure out what to do with it. Her gum is really swollen right next to it so hopefully another one is on it's way soon. I would really like to get a lot of teeth in before the new baby comes.

We're very excited that my brother Jason is getting married Friday night. Matt is a groomsman, I'm reading a scripture, and Grace is hanging at the Swiney's. It's an evening wedding in Greenwood so I'm not keeping her quiet in the pew or at the plated dinner reception.

This is me, my mom, and my new sister-in-law Angie at her bachelorette dinner the other night. I LOVE CHEESECAKE FACTORY...especially when I'm pregnant and when I get to eat a piece of the GODIVA CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE!!!!

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