September 16, 2008


We are so happy to have Matt back. It was so awesome for him to get to be with his dad during the surgery and recovery, but really hard to be home alone. She had some tough nights, but I wouldn't trade them for him getting to be there and us staying here so that she didn't get even more out of wack.

We're still trying to get her back to her regular sleeping pattern at night. She is up to 6 hours again, but we had a terrible evening with her last night. She cried off and on from about 7-10 pm. She wouldn't take but an ounce from the bottle and wouldn't nurse til about 9:30. I think she had some gas/exhaustion for whatever reason that the combination didn't make for an easy night. It was book club night so I had to miss that because I couldn't leave her home so unhappy and sit and worry about her while I was there. She is totally fine now and was throughout the night sleeping 4 hours at a time.

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