September 21, 2008

11 weeks old :)

I am going to try and not jinx myself, but I think we're back on track with her sleeping. She did 5.5 Friday night and 7 last night. I've been trying to give her a bath more frequently to add to her night routine.

She is smiling so big now! She does whatever she can to find my voice in the room. She is good at arching her back and holding her head up and trying to see me if I'm behind her.

Our small group had set up duty this morning so we all met up for breakfast afterwards at Cracker Barrel. I love that place! Grace got hungry just before church started so I knew she would be up for most of church but then want to go back to sleep so I decided to leave her in the nursery. So me being the first time mom of course was trying to explain to them all about her and what she would like....and I had to stop myself and realize they've probably done this before. It was nice to not have to look in the carseat the whole time to check on her or try and keep her happy in my lap, but I did look at the number thing a lot to see if her number was being called. She of course did fine and went to sleep great for them. It made me feel like a real mom....maybe that sounds weird, but it did. I was so happy to pick her up.

Here's to another 7 hour night's sleep!

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