July 15, 2008

Growing Strong!

We're home and doing good. She is eating much better and more alert. We went to the doctor yesterday and she had gained three ounces! Dr. McCollum was very impressed with that and wants to see her again Thursday. We will need to go in once a week for awhile to make sure she is progressing well.

We're still on our 3 hour schedule with a few adjustments here and there as she needs them. I keep sleeping through my alarm for the 3am feeding! I've been setting my watch alarm and I'm going to have to set my normal alarm clock so I can get up. I end up waking up about an hour later and worried, but it's not a biggy cause she still has to be waken up or if she's up she is just playing and waiting on me.

Matt's first day back to work yesterday was awful for him. The system crashed and he had to be up and on the phone til midnight. He is still working tonight and it is 10:30. He is having a hard time being away and not doing his night feeding and not getting time with her, but can't do much about it. So please pray for him and his project at work. It doesn't usually crash or not work right this much so it's very frustrating.

Below are some pictures of her today. She is so peaceful when she is resting on my chest. The other one is her in her new outfit. I finally found a set of onsies and pants that fit her. Babies R Us had one rack of Carter's clothes that are for premies (0-5lbs). There were 5 onsies in the back and two pairs of paints so I will make all that combinations that I can with those because they fit her and are so cute!

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  1. sweet photos. how are you holding up? tired i bet...