July 8, 2008

5 days old!

This is a picture of where the IV machine USED to be. They took the IV out of her arm and the machines are out of the room!!!

She breastfed all through the night perfectly!!!! We worked together and she only had to be supplemented (with my refrigerated milk) the first time about half a feeding. This morning she was so worn out and having a student nurse in with the day nurse wore her out. The day nurse let the student nurse do all the poking and prodding first and then she rechecked it so it took twice as long and Grace was starving! By the time I got her and got her settled she just wasn't patient enough to coordinate it all together again so we gave it to her in her tube so that she could settle down and get food. I was still so proud of her though she had worked so hard through the night that she was really tuckered out and needed to have that nourishment right away. Needless to say her 11:00 feeding was great!

When the doctor's made their rounds today they were again so impressed with progress and really happy to see that I asked to continue breastfeeding her through the night. They said that they suggest to start off slow just because it's easier for moms, but are always thankful for moms who take initiative cause it gets the routine started faster.

Below is a picture I just took of her. They also took out her feeding tube to get some crud out of her nose so she isn't so snotty and said that they would leave it out unless we need it again....which would mean that she isn't breastfeeding or taking a bottle....which I think is highly unlikely.

I am on a mommy high! I have been thanking God all day for her and what He is doing. I also have spent a lot of time talking with the day nurse. She has been nursing for 40 years. She is such a special lady and I trust that I can be used to encourage her as she has been so encouraging to me already.

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