November 28, 2012


I really have great intentions of using this blog as a space to share and vent about life with my three rascals.....strange cause they are who wear me out and keep me so inconsistent!! I didn't go anywhere today but to pick up Grace from school but yet I loved it cause the kids had an overall good day and doing such fun things. Grace is learning to write some letters and numbers and perfect her name..she seems to start it and want an E wherever she feels cause it's her favorite one to write :) she LOVED going to Texas last week. She really liked going on boat rides at Nana's house and holding her new cousin Emma. She amazes me at what she picks up on and her random acts of kindness for others. Even though she is very strong willed and determined to do things her way, she has a sweet and kind spirit about her. Avery is talking about anything and everything from the moment her head comes off the pillow til it lays down again and even then she is talking as you walk out of the room! I've tried to be very intentional with her during preschool time to try and give her special attention that she desperately needs. She has gotten to experience more fun play time with Grae as well. They are finally able to imagine and role play with each other more consistently now....YEAH!!!!!! Avery also loved the boat rides and holding her cousin and playing with my brother's dog. She announced, "mommy we got the rooster!" When Matt carried in the turkey from the smoker! I need a recorder on me at all times so I can record more of her funny sayings. She is one funny little girl. She is very close to being fully trusted with potty training. Just like Grace she had to go through one last bad few weeks and then it just clicks after that....YEAH!!!!! Drew is still the happiest baby I and others have ever met. He loved Texas and flying as well. He is happy with or without sleep. He just loves people and his mommy....YEAH!!!! No matter what happens in a day if I can snuggle him before I lay him down...all is good! Matt asked me last night if I have noticed a different type of bond with him. I do and not sure what it is other than he has stolen my heart and the way he looks at me is just priceless. Life is a lot of work right now because I still enjoy order and a clean house, but man has God been able to slow me down to stay thankful and enjoy what He has blessed me with. I am reminded daily that I have way more than I need and I need to make sure I thank Him for that. Very excited to share the Advent season with the girls especially cause they will understand so much more this time around. Thank you creators of the Jesse Tree :)

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