July 6, 2011

It's all good

The fourth was really fun for us all. We took it easy during the day and then headed down to watch the fireworks together. We kept the girls busy and eating you can see Avery liked that part :)

Grace got to eat her first snow cone...I know she's SOO deprived!

Avery didn't last long past bed time....

So she went home to sleep where she needed to be (thank you Matt!) Meanwhile Grace and her buddy Annabelle had a blast together. They insisted I take their picture like this...

Took Avery to the dr today for a weight check and at 16.5 months she's 18lb 15oz :) But she's the cutest peanut I know!

Now we're gearing up for a camping trip this weekend. Avery's gonna be in heaven spending it with her GiGi here at our house and Grace is going to be in heaven hanging out with mommy and daddy and all her older buds from small group. Pray for decent weather :)

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