February 14, 2011


Lots going on right now and it's gonna be that way for awhile. Seems like we have nothing and then 10,000 things all at once. The Damar event went well Saturday night. Avery turns 1 this week and her party is Saturday. Man I can rememeber this time last year I was complaining a lot and learning a life changing lesson to TRUELY trust God. He brought her into this world in His timing and not mine. (It always works out better that way)

Threw a friend Laneia a shower a few weeks ago and had a great time loving on her. We had to girlify her since she currently has a boy! Baby Molly was born today and I can't wait to meet her.

Avery is on the move...that is if someone helps her or she's pushing something. She can make her walking debut whenever I'm in NO hurry cause I know it will be lots of drama with Grace trying to pull her along or bumping into her :)

Grace wanted to do a little photo shoot today also since she never gets to "put letters on the stairs mommy." She's cracks me up wanting to see the pictures as soon as their taken.
Grace's attempt at helping Avery color and get her hand traced...all on GRACE's terms of course!

I'm reminded today of how thankful I am for a supportive and loving husband who has blessed me with the opportunity to raise these girls in a great home and community.


PS This was our back yard a few weeks ago.

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