February 21, 2011

birthday bash

Avery's party was Saturday morning and everyone had a great time. I was shocked she wasn't fussy cause of being during her morning nap, but I'm sure she heard us talking a about cake and yogurt. We played games in the gym and had a yogurt bar for the kids (sprinkles were on it of course!) Avery loved her cake (THANK YOU Jenni!!!) Jenni our friend was gracious enough to make Avery's cake and then took it upon herself to stay up even later to make individually boxed cupcakes for all our guests :) We owe her BIG time.

Grace loved seeing everyone at her sister's party.
She just wanted to know after nap time if she could help open presents. She's still convinced today that I am hiding them from her.

She was pretty neat like she'd done this before!!

Avery still hasn't busted out a tooth yet. The first spot on the bottom is getting thicker...I say so but Matt doesn't see it he says :( So we'll see if she makes it to 13.5 months like Grace. She still eats like a champ. As long as things are cut in small pieces she will eat ANYTHING you put in front of her and your helping if you're not careful!!! We'll see next Monday if she's moved past the 5% for her weight. I doubt it but she's fine. She sleeps great (thankfully she's still taking 2 naps so I still have my sanity with Grace talking up a storm and loving to be busy!!!)

Both girls are all smiles til it's food or sleep time. They love making each other laugh. Grace can pretty much just smile or move fast and Avery thinks it's funny.

I asked Grace this morning who is the biggest in our family out of Me, Daddy, her and Avery. She thought about it a few seconds and then said "SHARK" really loud! She's refering to a book she loves called "The Biggest in the Ocean." The octopus or squid whichever is the main character and he talks about how big he is compared to all these other things and then on the last page he realizes that they're all in the belly of a shark and the shark is the biggest!!

She was singing the other night and she said to me, "I'm singing in my microwave." She meant "microphone" :)

Today before lunch she was in big trouble for throwing a fit and refusing to sit still on the stairs, so I put her in her crib. When she quieted down and I got lunch ready, I went up and asked her to ask for forgiveness. She stayed quiet and was avoiding eye contact and the finally she puckered her lips and slowly gave me a kiss. My heart melted. (She then asked for forgiveness and we talked.) Then when she was eating lunch she said, "mommy I gave you a kiss." She was so proud that she had done the right thing and was loving. Trust me she was a beast before that!!!

I scored on some fun stuff for the girls at a builder's auction this weekend. One of which was a Pottery Barn Kids stove and chef clothing and wooden food ($40 total!!) Grace hasn't stopped playing with the stove and/or food since Saturday afternoon :)

Here's to a teacher in the making :)

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