January 3, 2011

Christmas and there after

We had a very busy Christmas this year....we almost didn't get to have much of one with all the sickness, but God helped in amazing ways to get us all healthy. We did lose Matt's gma on Christmas Eve. She had been really out of it mentally for quite some time and we knew it would be soon. So our plans changed a bit after we got the news. We left last Monday for Houston as planned and then stayed in the airport to fly on to Little Rock for the services.

So yeah two littles ones and a long layover and sleeping in a hotel for several days and then flying again after that don't go so great....but it was worth it. I am so thankful that we're in a position to do it(thanks Nana and Max!!!), but it was quite an adventure for this momma.
I got to meet more of the Arkansas family I've heard so much about. They're so sweet and so glad I got the chance to spend great time with them. Gants(Grace, matt's gma) left an amazing legacy that I will be eternally grateful for. Little Grace has big shoes to fill, but what a wonderful person to be named after.
Gants' three sons and wife Judy(Nana)

grandchildren & spouses


Thursday we flew back to Houston to have a quick visit and celebrate the New Year...then flew home Saturday. So we have a ton of things that happened on the plane rides that were pretty nerve racking...including several accidents by our pretty much potty trained darling Grace, Avery refused to nap during nap time for almost an hour(crying every 10-15 seconds), dumping most of a container of puffs, more accidents (#2 of course) from our almost potty trained darling Grace :)

Did we mention that we loved getting to make the trip just had a lot that made it a long week! So being home and getting back to normal here has been nice. The girls got tons of great stuff including a big dollhouse that I scored at Goodwill for $5! Nana and I scored all the accessories on Ebay for much less than the stores, awesome bath toys from the infamous Uncle Bill, lots of books, movies, stickers, cars to race on the new floor (have I mentioned lately that I LOOOOOVE our new floors), and many more great things that I am very thankful for.

My mom's side of the family Christmas Day

Matt getting Skype ready to talk to Nana and Max Christmas Day while the girls opened some of their gifts from them

Grace's first candy necklace...she's thinks those people are heaven sent :)

Grace insisting she "hold her in her lap"

Nana's beautiful tree

Grace enjoying Christmas in Houston in what was left of her clothes after the accidents and traveling to Little Rock :) undershirt, brown sweatpants, and black dress shoes...good thing it was in the 60's there

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