January 23, 2011


Avery is now 11 months and I'm getting bad about taking pictures for both of them. So that last few days I tried to take pictures to make it look like I'm actively capturing them :)
They're having a blast playing together....unless one wants what the other has, mommy is holding one of them, one has a cup and other doesn't, one has food and other doesn't....just a tough stage cause they don't realize fully what the other one needs or can handle. Knocking each other over isn't really the best way of getting your way, but they'll figure that out soon hopefully :)

Grace and I went to the dentist this week and she did much better than last time. The hygienist was great about talking to her the whole time she was working on me. Then she pulls out Scooby Doo glasses! The rest was a blur in Grace's mind. She put those on and they could do whatever they wanted to because "it's blue Mommy" is all I heard. She was LOVING the fact that everything had turned blue when she put them on. Glad she won't remember last summer's traumatic visit!

I've had a lot going on with my Damar event, Women of Walker Farms and planning a baby shower. Trying to not think about getting everything done at once or that I'm going to be on LIVE tv Tuesday!!! I'm going to be on Channel 13's Community Connection segment....have to dust off my good clothes and make myself look presentable. It's to promote our event for Damar that I'm the President of the Guild for.

This is SO much work now. I have to put her further from the letters cause as soon as she sees them that's what she desparately wants!

Made her pose to show off her pigtails. It's taken SOO long for her hair to grow. She's 2.5 now and FULL of things to say and do!!

Grace being and her baby and a short interview to enjoy (notice all the stopping to bounce the baby)

Sit down Avery!!

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