October 18, 2010

pumpkin fest

Went to a small pumpkin fest on Saturday and had a good time. Since the girls are so young, we're keeping it simple this year. They had a great time and the weather was amazing.

Avery is now 8months. Loving her sister and dog Bailey. Loves sitting and reaching for things. She doesn't mind falling over to get something as long as she doesn't hit something on the way down...or if Grace forces her down :) Not that sweet little Grace would EVER do that!!

She is gabbing a lot more and loving solid food. I am enjoying lots of gluten when I can. We're not noticing a difference in her. But because we've got so long without gluten it's not really in the house and I'm used to eating lots without it. I bought a lot of snacks today at the store and most were gluten free just because they're my new favs and were on sale. Normal things don't taste the same so that's part of it, but overall I've adjusting so much that it's hard to go back.

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