September 15, 2010

great visit

Our surprise visit was such a wonderful visit. The girls did great in the car for the two day trip. We figured splitting it up would be easier on them and it really was. We made my mom's year surprising her. Gants also loved having us. She did struggle to remember our names and relationship to her at times, but overall LOVED talking and whistling to the girls. What a precious lady. She is now 89 and unfortunately Dementia has set in, so visits aren't the same, but she still has her humor and sweet spirit about her.

We got to spend a lot of time outside and giving my mom some relief from her daily routine of caring for Gants. The girls did really well once we were settled. I was really sad to leave and bring them through the airports alone, but it was only terrible for about an hr during the second flight. I literally wished I had a parachute I wanted to jump out. Avery was screaming for no apparent reason (cause as soon as the flight attendant took her she shut up) and Grace had a blowout. People were very helpful and encouraging. I stunned person after person that I was able to handle things and I was willing to do it alone....but there is no way I was going to miss the chance to get to see Gants one more time. The flights and blowouts would end and we would make it home in one piece one way or another.

Spending time in Little Rock really helped me put more things in perspective.... Like what matters in the end. When the girls are 89 like Gants what will they remember about me and their childhood? Kids don't need much to be entertained! RELAX. Spend quality time with those you love you never know when it will be your last visit.

Truely thankful for the visit and our safe return :)

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