August 31, 2010


Both girls just seem to be sooo cute to me right now in either what they're doing or faces they make.

Best I could do today...pulled out the video way too close to nap time.

The girls and I have had some great days lately that have given me time to slow down and appreciate what God has given us.

I've been working on really meaning "the Lord is my shephard and I shall not want." Staying out of the stores and having a quiet time more consistently has been a huge help :) We're learning to be better stewards of our money so that we can bless others. Starting in September we're going to sponsor a student in the Daughter's Project. She will study for 2 years how to sew so that she won't be sold into trafficking because she has no skills. The dresses that are made by the girls in Cambodia will then be sold here in the US at Sophia's Bridal in Greenwood. God has orchestrated this through a few ladies at our church who stepped out on a dream and He took care of the rest.

I am beyond thrilled that we're in a position to do this and can't wait to how God will use this time in her life as well as ours.

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