July 16, 2010

funny moments

Wanted to record some funny moments lately with Grace:

1. The other day Grace helped me feed Bailey by scooping up her dogfood and putting it in the bowl just like normal. Then I got her water and went back to doing the dishes. I look over and Grace is covered in water....she was totally bathing herself in Bailey's water! She had the biggest smile on her face. Bailey wasn't bothered at all, she was too busy chowing down on her food.

2. Grace can now reach into any drawer in the house. She loves to reach into the kitchen drawers and see what she can pull out. This time she reached the ice cream scooper. She was SOO excited and REALLY wanted to eat breakfast with it. So she ate her entire breakfast using the ice cream scooper (including her bread). When I offered her a normal spoon she totally refused it. Pretty funny considering the ice cream scooper is way bigger than her mouth.

About that camera I left in Houston....arghh!!!

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