June 26, 2010

July here we come

We're all recovered from last week's craziness and awesomeness of KidsGames. I helped coordinate it again this year. It was a blast, but a lot of work and wore me out completely by the end not only because of the planning and executing, but the coordinating of the two girls for the week. I really do have an much better respect for working moms. I was absolutely exhausted by the time I got home there was hardly anything getting done besides what had to be done for the next day.

This is a picture we took that we'll be sending to our volunteers to say thanks.

So, needless to say the girls and I took it pretty easy this week. Lots of sleeping in...THANK YOU GIRLS!!!...and lots of playing most of the mornings in our pj's :) We did get out showered by 10am to attend a MOPS playdate where Grace and Max, a neighbor and on the approved to date list, had fun on a tractor....well as you can see Max was having fun til Grace came over and tried to take over the wheel :)

Today we got a chance to go to Muncie for a surprise celebration of my step-grandmother's 80th birthday. She really had no clue, so it was a perfect set up. The girls did great being that Grace got no nap and Avery got little bits there and back.

Life just keeps going by so fast. I really can't believe Grace will be 2 next weekend. We'll be celebrating it in Houston where we'll be for 9 days. I'm SOO excited to get away and see family :)

Grace's new past time...

Thank you GG :)

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