March 20, 2010

I'm tired...

So being a mom of two little ones has been amazing so far...but TIRING!!! I'm hitting my tired point. This getting up a few times a night is starting to really get me. Both girls are doing great and we're a cold-free home again, but man momma could use some more rest.

PS It's a whole new ballgame trying to get things done around here as well. I feel like I don't accomplish much except for diaper changing, feedings, naps, and laundry...oh wait, those take all day!! No really though, it's taken some getting used to and real thought about how and when to get things done and the realization that I need to let somethings go and not do some other things...

PSS At any given moment, I have WAY too much on my plate anyway, so this is a good thing that I am letting things go...the hard part is letting go!

Avery is now a few days past a month old and I'm so behind on taking her 1 month pictures. I'd like to get a few shots of her each month like I did with Grace and the elephant to see how much she changes and compare size and such with those of Grace. So at some point this month I WILL get that done just don't know when :)

At Avery's 1 month appt. she was 8 lb exactly and 20.75 in long. She still gets lots of comments from people in stores about how tiny she is, but she's kinda big to me since I'm used the real tiny. She's still pretty easy going as long as she can be upright for about 15 min after a feeding :) She's doing about a 5 hr stretch at night and loves looking at lights and her big sister! She hangs out with us for about an hour to hour and a half at breakfast and in the evening.

PSSS WE MISS NANA AND MAX!!! I didn't know how good I had while they were here! Real eyeopener making it through another work week with the girls all to myself. We're getting there with consistent feeding times with Avery so that is helping to coordinate the day and keep things orderly as much as possible. (that's my type A personality talking)...speaking of which Avery just woke up for her evening feeding...gotta go!

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