January 12, 2010

We're all set :)

She has a name, a completed room, diapers, wipes, and TONS of clothes and toys! We're one week away from when we had Grace, so we're a little nervous, anxious, and don't really know how to feel cause we don't know what's going to happen this time.

Here's a few shots of her room. It's Grace's room with redecorated walls pretty much.

Grace is ready too....she's got her Super Sister Cape (aka my nursing cover)....

She knows how to wear daddy's shoes...

And she knows how to safely get down the stairs...

Just join with us in prayer that God brings her when He's ready to have her out and we enjoy the time til then as a family of three.

By the way, Matt's gma seems to be doing a little better. They did find out she has a staph infection so she's been resting and was taken off of a medication. His parents are spending the week with them to see if they can help talk with dr's about what steps are next. We'd love to see her stick around a lot longer, but we know that she has already lived a full life and been blessed with 88 years. We're so proud to have named Grace after her.

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