November 9, 2009

more updates

Benji is ready to go home!! They would've let him go yesterday, but the equipment room isn't open on Sundays. He needs a walker and wheel chair, so he will get those this morning and be set to go. They are going to set him up with a specialist here in Indy so that when his swelling all goes down he can then go see what surgery or steps are needed to for his facial bones.

My mom is doing good and my two other brothers have had time to get away from the hospital and I think has been great for us all to get a break. Please just pray for us for tomorrow's services starting at 11am.

Billings Funeral Home (Elkhart, IN)

In lieu of flowers, you could consider donating to the

Connie Graham Memorial Fund
903 Leonard
Elkhart, IN 46516

Thank you again for all of your support. We've had an overwhelming response of emotional support thus far and have been so touched by it all.

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