August 23, 2009

fun times in Whitestown

Grace has been keeping us busy...and therefore wearing herself out as well....(watch both videos below)

She and I love letting her get messy with food. Dad's not a big fan especially if he thinks he might have to clean her up.

One of our friends got her a new hat. I had some adorable poses ready and not once would she hold still or keep the hat on long enough to get focused shots, so I finally snuck this one on her. What is it with babies and getting to the camera as fast as they can??

Baby #2 is finally going to get some on air time. We've actually already had 3 ultrasounds. Two were planned and one happened the other day because the baby wouldn't stop swimming around long enough for the dr to catch it's heartbeat....hmm...sounds like it's sister and taking a picture!



Looking from above & it's hands are together(praying for us to leave it alone!)

Face view

Another face view with heartbeat at the bottom

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