July 23, 2009


Baby #2's 10 week appt. was today and it went great. The baby is measuring fine and heartbeat was 173! This seems SOO fast to me. Grace's was only in the 150's, so now it's got us wondering if it's a boy! This would be a dream come true for Matt especially, but I also wouldn't mind handsome little boy running around putting Grace in her place and telling her to be nice to his mommy :)

I just keep this is REALLY happening!!!!...I better get some good sleep in the next few months cause I'm sure it's going to be MUCH harder once #2 is here!


  1. Wanta meet for coffee? or a quick play date?

  2. I started out high and then dropped to 140s with Max. I was 170s around 16 weeks and that was the highest week. I know they say faster is usually a girl so everyone thought we were having a girl. Can't wait to see...