June 20, 2009

can't keep a secret to save my life :)

So last week we found out baby #2 is on the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We talked about it being a secret until Grace's birthday party since both sets of grandparents were going to be there...I just had a few people I was going to tell that would keep it a secret...then I had a few more that I wanted to know...then a few more...then well yeah it wasn't a secret anymore.

We went to Muncie today to visit with my dad for Father's Day and my mom's side was getting together because my aunt and uncle from Hawaii are hear visiting. So I made this onsie to surprise my parents with. I told my dad that I "made this onsie for Grace to wear today, but she slobbered all over it." My dads face was priceless!

Then at my aunt's house they had a cake for Matt's belated bday and afterward they wanted him to give a speech so I tossed the onsie to my mom, who was in the middle of the room of the entire family and asked her to check out the onsie I made for Grace while he thought of a speech ;) She looked clueless and then caught on...she was SO shocked. She came over yesterday and had no idea. She said she knew last time by just looking at my face cause "moms just know."


  1. Congrats! We're so excited for you!

  2. Congratulations!

    Nick, Martina & Maggie

  3. Congratulations! Your onesie idea was really cute. :)