April 17, 2009

I'm least I think I am

Ok, I think my brain is functioning well enough now to write an entire post. I realized Monday afternoon I was coming down with something, but had NO idea that by Friday evening I'd have lost 2-3 lbs, been to the doctor's office, had a strep test done(with negative result...but all the symptoms), not be able to sleep for more than an hour for two nights, not be able to nurse more than once a day, and now think I might have some viral thing!

This week has been really crazy, sad, happy, and all together weird! I'm pretty easy going when trouble hits, but man this one threw me for a loop. I never thought nursing would just be taking away in one might slowly be coming back, but I don't know...keep that as a prayer either way. Today the Lord took me to Hebrews 12...FAITH. It's amazing how when you read the Bible you realize we've got it easy as pie. The chapter talked about all those that had faith to believe against unbelievable odds. The least I can do is have faith that God will see me along this sickness and bring me out on the other side.

I'm happy for stored milk and Grace being a baby so she'll never remember this week. We did get some cute photos of easter below.

This is Grace and a prospective husband!

I love this kid!

Yes this one came with bloomers mom!

Uncle Nathan is the coolest thing wearing his hat was the hightlight of her day.

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