April 6, 2009

I love birthdays!!

My good friend who was a college roommate and teammate came through town the other day the night before her birthday to stay with us. She ended up in traffic on 69 and didn't get to our house til about 11:15 which was perfect because I had baked her a cake and my mouth had been watering for it ever since it came out of the oven. So we chatted and had fun catching up. At about 12:05 I said I was really hungry and wanted to fix myself something and went in and got her cake. She was so excited and cracking up that we were celebrating her birthday that late a night or that early in the morning...

She is such a great friend and loves seeing Grace and hanging out with us any chance she can get, so the least I could do was make sure that she would have a great birthday since she was going to spend most of it with us. We had a lot of fun going to Edinburgh later that day to shop and look around...she picked out my favorite pair of shoes for her present...Croc flip flops!!! I'm hooked! They are SOOOO comfortable and they were the only shoe that I could keep on all day while I was pregnant.

Grace's 9 month check up went well. The doctor is happy that she gained 3lbs and grew 2 inches. She now weighs 16 lb 13 oz and 27" long. So for her due date she is 50th percentile for height and 25th percentile for weight.

Her photo shoot today went ok. She was definately more interested in the bunny that sings then she was smiling for me!

My new favorite!!

She sure gets what she wants with her irresistible smile!


  1. So sweet and cute pics!! She is the happiest and sweetest little girl. I'm planning to stuff eggs on Friday night. Looking forward to seeing has been too long. Hope it warms up again soon!

  2. Thanks so much for the encouraging comment on my blog - I really appreciated the "listening ear" and the validation. :)