March 16, 2009

turning 27 & teething

So 27 just doesn't have the ring that 21 and 25 had. With it being the first one as a mom, it was definately different. It started with waking up and realizing that Grace had a fever (we think the wacky sleeping ie waking up a lot, moaning at night and crankiness is teething...oh joy)and we couldn't go to church and therefore wouldn't be able to go out to lunch with friends. Luckily, the weather was amazing and Matt was nice enough to stay home with Grace while my mom and I went out shopping.

The kid side of me was happy to get the things I wanted: a retractable leash for Bailey, a new Bible, and a wristlet wallet thingy. Matt did a great job surprising me with the gifts and not allowing me to have any idea that he actually got the things that I'd been hinting at. Below you'll see the cake on the left is a ice cream cake that he also was very sweet to get for me, however I can't eat dairy and therefore can't eat any of the cake on the left and so we bought the cake on the right so I could eat some of my own birthday cake! He was so cute when he brought home the ice cream cake, it totally hit him as soon as he walked in that he had just bought me a cake that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE but ABSOLUTELY can't have because it would make a LONG night for Grace and I.....he felt so bad and it honestly didn't hit him til that second.

I am very thankful to have lived for 27 years, have been blessed with the life that I've lived and have the family and friends to go along with it all.

Grace in her new summer's a little big.

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