March 24, 2009

feeling much better

We're both feeling much much better. Grace's snot factory is still working full time, but she sleeping great and as happy as can be. Grace and I have had a lot of fun spending time with the ladies at Heart Change at our church. These women come from all different backgrounds and have usually had a pretty rough journey to this point. Many have been homeless or abused. So Grace and I go and just help live life with them and help point them to Jesus. I've really enjoyed being a part of the Bible Study and working with the kids. The kids just make me melt every time. They are so happy and carefree even though they've been through so much and have so little.

Being a part of this organization is teaching me so much. These girls absolutely appreciate everything they are given or taught and always have a smile on their face. Sure makes me realize that I definately need to work on the thankful department in my own life.

So even though I'm supposed to be helping them, I feel like they're helping me even more....every time I leave there I realize that I have a ton of great "stuff" that I don't really appreciate. I've been royally blessed and I need to stay mindful of that.

Below is a picture of their first graduate. They had a wonderful ceremony for her last week.

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