January 14, 2009

My little sweet pea

So I tried peas this morning and thought surely these will go over ok cause I love peas....yeah she was willing to take the first few bites to try and figure out what they were and then out came the next bite! I have some banana jars ready for times like this and so I stirred in some. She ate a few more and then out came the next bite. I added some more and she ate more this time but eventually out came another bite. By the time we got done she was basically eating bananas with a little bit of peas in them! She did eat her whole serving so that was good, but she used up a lot of bananas in the mean time.

PS She's slept through the night perfectly the last three nights!!!! She can even cry herself back to sleep during nap time within a minute or less!! Matt is working from home today and is shocked at her ability to go right back to sleep cause she's on her stomach. It's like having a new kid!

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