December 1, 2008


This Thanksgiving was very special for many reasons. Grace got to meet her great grandmother in Arkansas whom she is named after, ride on a plane for the first time, and meet her aunt, uncles, and three cousins for the first time in Houston. We were away for a week and it actually didn't go too fast which was great because it always seems like our trips fly by.

It was absolutely precious to see Gants and Papa George (Matt's gparents) interact with Grace. They are 88 and 89 years old and just precious people. Papa George does suffer from dementia so we're not always sure how he will react to things, but we he was awesome. He made noises to entertain her constantly and loved having her in his arms. Matt and I hadn't actually seen them in about 5 years so it was neat to get to see them ourselves, but also emotional realizing that we may not get many more opportunities to see them. They took us to church so that we could show of Grace and we were suprised to see how "young" and contemporary of a church that they attend. They are definatly the cute old couple that every knows and loves to talk to.

We did ask them a lot of questions about what life used to be like and family history stories. Matt is very intrigued by the Tenney history and spent a lot of our overnight stay looking through old trunks and closets with Gants.

Then it was off to Houston. Grace didn't fair so well on this flight because of the timing. We were delayed about an hour and it was early evening, but other than this flight she really did great....good thing it was only an hour flight!

We had a great time having big family meals with everyone in Houston and going into the Tenney School to show Grace to the teachers. The Thankgiving meal was awesome like usual and the day was filled with fun times with the kids running around and beautiful weather. PS Houston is still in the 60's!!!

Grace was such a happy baby on the was such a relief for me the worrier about how she would do! She LOVED being entertained all day and being in new places. She also loved sitting in a walker that my mother-in-law had at I got on and found the same one for $10! I'm pumped..I think she felt independent and can see what's going on....either way it's cheap entertainment.

We put up the tree last night and she definately in awe of it......below is a slide show of the week and some precious video of Gants singing to Grace.

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