December 31, 2008

an amazing 2008

Like so many we too are SO thankful for all the many blessings God gave us. With those blessings have come lots and lots of learning. We feel so blessed to be a part of this journey with all our friends and family.

We attempted the short drive to Muncie on the 23rd only to get stuck in the ice storm which turned our trip into a 7 hour drive instead of 1 hour! We had a great time and got to meet my brother Austin's son, Elijah, for the first time. He is a month younger than Grace.

On the 24th we came back home from my dad's to welcome my mom and three brothers for presents.
Christmas day was so special to get to share it with Grace and my brother Nathan since it was his 21st Birthday! We all pitched in to get him what he REALLY IPOD Nano.

My mom slaved away at an awesome Christmas day dinner and we got to eat as a family and play fun games just like the good old days!

The day after Christmas we had a 4:15pm direct flight to Houston so we got cleaned up from the day before, packed and headed to the airport around 1:30pm. We were then stuck in the airport til 11:45pm waiting on our plane to arrive from Grand Rapids where it had been sent to because it was too foggy to land in Indy.....PS Grace is way beyond tired and we didn't have a stroller or carseat with us!!!! We forgot...well Matt pack the stroller but we didn't think it would be a big deal because it's a direct flight and we would only be there for 4 days....famous last words...we will NEVER forget it again! I tried my best to get her to sleep in the Baby Bjourn, but it was impossible with all that was going on in the airport.

I of course had a smoothie to treat myself, realizing later that was a horrible idea because it had frozen yogurt in it and she had horrible screaming fits because dairy is not sitting well with her yet.

So we were 2 for 2 on LONG traveling days when we finally reached Matt's parents house at 3 AM!!!! I will say thought it was well worth it to get to spend time with his family. Our nephews and neice are so cute and growing up so fast. They are all so into Grace and what she's doing and what they can do to make her happy.

The flight home went amazing. She slept the entire flight, which was on time and very smooth! We've unpacked, been to the grocery, but her to bed for the night and ready to ring in the new year.

So here's to a great 2009!

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