September 2, 2008

sleeping :)

We have now had two nights of about a 6.5 hour stretch of sleep! I woke up the Sunday night at about 3 ish like I would normally by then to feed her and she wasn't sturring at all so I thought I would just lay there and wait cause surely as soon as I try and fall asleep again she would wake up. I woke back up to her fussing at 4:45!!! So I went in and she still had her eyes closed and really wasn't fussing to get up just fussy and falling back to sleep. So, I went down to get her Neo Sure ready and came back up and she was ready to eat. I was beside myself that she had slept that long. She ate well and then went to sleep and woke back up at 7:45 ready to eat again.

Last night was the same kind of thing. I am not getting my hopes up that it will be like this and better from here on out because I know that they often have times where they go backwards. I am just thankful for two nights of good rest. I am doing my best to keep her normal during the day so that I help set her up again for these good stretches at night. Yesterday I struggled to keep her feedings stretched out cause we had a lazy day and were at home all day, but today I am going to encourage her to stretch out her eating like normal so that she is more hungry at each meal....snacking every hour gets really old fast!

My cousin's fifth child was born just the other day (pictured below). Her name is Maia Jo. I wanted to show her off. She is so adorable and has 4 siblings that are going to take good care of her. They live in Washington so I don't get to see them hardly at all, but as Grace gets older this year or next we want to make a trip out there to meet all the kids.

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  1. I hope you do get to come out here!!! i don't know when we'd get to indiana next, although seeing gpa and fran drive all this way was pretty inspiring!!!